Koks Restaurant, The World's Most Remote Dining Destination

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Koks Restaurant, The World's Most Remote Dining Destination

Koks restaurant

Fine dining experience is not the only thing that the elites are looking for; the latest trend in dining is now remote dining destination.

It is the upsurge among the high socialites and those who are craving to do something above and beyond the normal dining experience. Michelin-starred chef Poul Andrias Ziska brings the exact remote dining destination that is the top of the list for high class clients.

The catch is that the only way to get to the destination is either through a boat or through a helicopter.

Situated in the remote Greenland, on the Arctic Circle, Koks Restaurant is one of its kinds to delight its guest with fine dining and an adventure destination too.

It is indeed the remotest restaurants in the world; let us learn more about it.

About Koks

  • The restaurant is housed in a black wooden house and it is indeed one of the oldest ever in Greenland.
  • Accommodation available for only 20 people per service.
  • Local produce is preferred with experimental cuisine that includes whale and seaweed.
  • Greenlandic products are focused upon that includes Greenland halibut to snow crabs, musk, ox and even Ptarmigan. Additionally, different varieties of herbs and berries too are included.


  • Earlier Koks were situated among the remote Faroe Islands, it is the place where the chef won his first star in the year 2017 and then won second in the year 2019 along with the title: world’s most isolated Michelin restaurant.
  • Chef plans to return to the same location sometime soon, however, his dream to expand in far north kept him from settling, he preferred Iceland, Greenland and even Svalbard.
  • Finally, settled in Ilimanaq, it takes an hour of boat trip from Ilulissat, it is said to be the third-largest town in Greenland and made popular due to its natural landmark of a huge glacier.

Local products

  • The menu includes 20 courses that are only made final after extensive tasting menu to delight the taste buds priced at 2,100 kroner ($280), sans wine and drinks.
  • Keeping the menu exquisite with the far north local products that includes whale bites and expensive wines, fresh fish, shellfish and desserts that are beyond what one could ever imagine.
  • It is all about serving the guests with the utmost exquisite flavor that one could ever get traveling this far north.
  • Greenland cuisine has their staple food of whale meat that is often banned in most parts of the world due to activists calling it inhumane. However, it is available as one of the cuisine in Koks.
  • Wealthy tourists often like to visit the Faroe Islands and visit Koks to enjoy unique dining experience.
  • People often looking for Arctic adventure and the liking for its landscape beauty often enjoy the experience of high-level gastronomy.
  • Sustainability offered by North Atlantic cuisine along with the resources offered by the Disko Bay is indeed appealing to the senses.

Now all this sure makes for an amazing remote dining experience where wealthy tourists have it all, the senses all delighted by the sight, adrenal pumping due to the adventure offered by the destination and of course the delight offered by the unique cuisine enjoyed by the taste buds.

The destination is said to welcome 100,000 + tourists in the year 2019, it is said to be nearly double its population.

So, the next time you are looking for a remote dining destination that offers the thrill of traveling the far north and serves exquisite cuisine to its guests do visit Koks, you will definitely enjoy the unique experience.

Image credit: Photo by Dylan Shaw on Unsplash