Mastering The Masculine: How To Choose Your Ideal Haircut

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Mastering The Masculine: How To Choose Your Ideal Haircut


A meticulously chosen haircut, tailored to one's face shape, not only exudes a sense of polished elegance but also accentuates one's natural features, making them irresistibly alluring.

Ever wondered how male celebrities consistently showcase impeccable hairstyles? The secret lies in understanding their face structure and selecting a style that elevates their look.

Dive in with us as we unravel the art of finding the perfect haircut.

Determining Your Face Shape

Before diving into your next haircut, take a moment to understand the unique contours and features of your face.

Here's a friendly guide to help you recognize your face type and the hairstyles that might suit you best:

Square: Think of a chiseled jawline, straight sides, and a broad face.

Round: Imagine soft, rounded cheekbones complemented by gentler sides.

Oval: Picture a noticeable forehead, tapering down to a narrower jawline.

Oblong: Envision a balanced profile – where the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead share similar widths – but with an elongated face.

Diamond: Visualize distinct angular features, with prominent cheekbones flanked by a narrower forehead and jawline.

Triangular: Reflect on broad cheekbones tapering to a more petite forehead, reminiscent of an upside-down triangle.

Embrace the unique shape of your face, and let it guide you to your most flattering haircut!

Crafting the perfect masculine haircut to your face shape


Most haircuts suit this shape beautifully. To enhance your chiseled jawline, consider keeping the back trim, adding some texture up top, and shortening the sides. For those with curls, a fade in the back, tapered sides, and a textured crop on top could be your go-to.


A fringe up top can be flattering. However, aim for a flatter top to prevent adding too much volume. Seek styles that bring structure and definition to your face.


Show off your balanced features by keeping hair off your face. Think about a short-cropped style with softly tapered sides. It's ideal to keep your hairline clear and forehead exposed.


Picture Keanu Reeves' iconic styles for inspiration. Buzz cuts, slicked-back looks, or side-swept styles emphasize your face's best features without overshadowing your elongated forehead. You might also love a scissor cut or a more relaxed, shaggy look.


Imagine Tom Hiddleston's hair - fringes, swept-back styles, and relaxed sides. The goal here is to texture the top and the forehead region. Whether you choose shorter sides, a deep side part, or scissor cuts, this face shape is versatile and chic.


Boost the volume in your hairstyle and embrace techniques that add depth. Messy crops and side parts can be your best allies, emphasizing volume and height. And when it comes to facial hair, consider a light stubble à la Ryan Gosling, rather than going completely clean-shaven