10 Mind-Bending Puzzle Games For Inner Peace And Fun

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10 Mind-Bending Puzzle Games For Inner Peace And Fun


Whether you're bored, looking to distract your mind, or seeking relaxation with online games, the best approach is to find mind-bending and engaging puzzles that can help you achieve inner peace. 

To help you make the most of your time and have fun for free, here's a list of 10 puzzles that you might enjoy indulging in.

1. Jigsaw Explorer

  • Ad-free experience and an easy-to-use website with a simple design.
  • The number below each puzzle will show you how many people are engaged in playing it.
  • Full-screen view of the puzzle within the browser. You can come back to it and pick up where you left off, as it automatically saves the user’s progress.
  • Enjoy playing it online with your friends or family.
  • Choose and select the puzzle pieces based on numbers, with the option to display the edge of pieces and rotate each piece that would make a part of a larger picture.
  • Users are allowed to create their own jigsaws by uploading pictures. Now, this is one fun way to turn your family vacation pictures into a puzzle or create a personalized puzzle for your loved one.
  • Another notable feature is the Friday fun puzzle, which is always a surprise edition.

2. JigZone

  • Upload your pictures, create a personalized puzzle, and share it with friends too.
  • Choose the jigsaw puzzle layout on display, select the puzzle you want to play, and choose the difficulty level, ranging from a 6-piece classic to a 247-piece triangle.  
  • It comprises a vast puzzle gallery, a daily puzzle to keep you hooked, and numerous categories to choose from.
  • You can even send a puzzle postcard to your friends or family with your own picture.

3. Jigsaw Planet

  • Modern interface with a clean look. Users can create their personal jigsaw with their chosen picture, choose the number of tiles, and even shapes based on their interests.
  • Set a rotation pattern to increase difficulty. 
  • Use a ghost image and image outline as a guide.
  • Users are provided with settings to optimize their puzzle before starting it.
  • A user can choose to make it difficult or challenging based on the options included in the puzzle.

4. Puzzle Garage

  • You will find variety of free to play puzzles here. 
  • Choose from any level that have designs for all ages included, multiplayer modes are available. 
  • Join an existing online game or play solo. 
  • Play and compare your timing with other players online engaged in the same puzzle game.
  • You have a choice of 10,000 jigsaw puzzles to choose from.

5. Just Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Simplistic looks with numerous puzzles to choose from different categories.
  • These are HTML5 puzzles, users have the freedom to upload their pictures or select pictures from Pixabay for creating personalized puzzles.
  • Choose from popular topics and suggested puzzles for fun play. 
  • Learn something new with each puzzle, for instance fine art category teaches you about famous paintings as you piece them together in a puzzle.
  • Personalize a puzzle by size, number of pieces and the shape. 

6. JSPuzzles

  • Choose between 9 pieces to 100 pieces as per your difficulty level or enthusiasm.
  • Pieces presented in tile form as rectangles.
  • You can choose from numerous categories created by existing puzzle users.
  • Search with different theme to keep it interesting. 
  • Leaderboard is given that displays and compares your scores, best time and average times. 

7. Jigidi

  • Sign in to save your progress and community chat with its creators, and create your profile to play it with interactive interface, numerous puzzles are presented on full screen of browser. 
  • You can even choose a puzzle with 400+ pieces from different categories to keep up the challenge. 
  • If you choose membership program then you get an ad-free experience. 

8. Crazy4Jigsaws

  • With variety of puzzles to choose from the gallery, different categories with numerous challenge levels. 
  • You can upload your picture and even send an e-card to your friends and family. 
  • It is free to play but you can choose premium membership that will give you access to more puzzles, full screen mode, challenging puzzle cuts and other exclusive features. 

9. The Washington Post Online Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Completing a digital version of a puzzle is interesting and easier than doing it on a paper. 
  • The readers of Washington Post will enjoy this version online and work their grey muscles. 
  • With three challenging levels: easy, normal and expert to choose from. 
  •  Select the date to begin with and begin playing. 
  • You can have a preview of the complete picture prior to arranging the pieces. 

10. Puzzle Game for Xbox Gamers: Microsoft Jigsaw

  • The puzzle app is available for PC and Windows tablets; user can play with touchscreen controls or use a mouse to play. 
  • Themed collections are unlocked when a puzzle is complete, in-game coins are used for making purchase that are earned while playing. 
  • Users can create their puzzles with personal pictures from device or click one. 
  • The jigsaw jam mode is a new challenge that makes it unique for completing it within a given timeline. 
  • User can use an Xbox account to log in using their Xbox 360 or Xbox One console and appear within the online leaderboards and unlock Xbox Achievements, only available with this puzzle.