The lesser-known side of Jeff Bezos

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The lesser-known side of Jeff Bezos

The lesser-known side of Jeff Bezos
Image Source: FlickrBezos’ Iconic Laugh via Wikipedia

‘I’ve never had more energy, and this isn’t about retiring’, wrote American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, in a letter to his employees. The founder and chief executive officer of the world’s largest online retail store quit from his top position at Amazon this week. We all know that the centi-billionaire is the world’s richest man and makes around $2,489 per second. But there is much more to Jeff that most if us wouldn’t know.

Jeff, who is also the owner of The Washington Post, has been a space nerd. Since his childhood, he nurtured the dream of permanent colonies in orbiting space stations to preserve humanity and earth’s limited reserves. To pursue his dreams, he founded Blue Origin, a space exploration company that aims to make space travel cheaper and slightly more accessible.

The world’s second richest person, it seems, has been a man of many talents. Not many will know that in 2016, Bezos was in front of the camera for a cameo appearance playing an alien in Star Trek Beyond. In his high school days, he won a trip to Nasa for his term paper on ‘The Effect of Zero Gravity on the Aging Rate of the Common Housefly’.

Jeff is not the only person who invested in online retail. But he made a series of very smart choices and combined them with relentless focus on customer experience. Not many would know that he got his first taste of retail while spending one summer as a fry cook at McDonald’s!