These 12 Instagram Coffee Influencers Are Worth Following If You Love Coffee

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These 12 Instagram Coffee Influencers Are Worth Following If You Love Coffee


Coffee, anyone? If you too start your day with the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans and the sip of your favorite coffee rejuvenates your body and mind instantaneously, transporting you to coffee haven, then you too need to follow one of these coffee influencers for sure.

7am Coffee Club

  • If you enjoy aesthetics of coffee then this one should be on your list to follow immediately
  • As the name suggests it is about someone who begin their day with coffee
  • You will find numerous coffee recipes that will keep you hooked and inspire you to try something new
  • Your daily cup of coffee will change with 75+ coffee recipes by the influencer, try out even if you are not a coffee addict

Coffee Bae 97

  • Try something different and new, check out numerous coffee recipes
  • The feed depicts brilliant coffee pictures with colorful recipes
  • Peppermint, caramel, matcha, blue pea syrups, kombucha, coffee gummy bears and a lot more almost like a coffee rainbow Instagram feed all in one place

Jim Seven

  • A former World Barista Champion and a coffee book author James Hoffmann owns this Instagram account
  • Highly educational coffee feed full of brewing methods, coffee history and coffee gear, you will find it all
  • The influencer is indeed a coffee nerd

Alex Moe (@Themacrobarista)

  • Alex Moe is a prominent coffee influencer. On Instagram, he shares the most amazing and cool coffee posts.
  • He teaches how to prepare flavored coffee models of all kinds. The perfect source of inspiration for coffee lovers who want to learn more about the art of coffee making.
  • He has a genuine passion for coffee and shares his knowledge with others. His posts are always engaging and entertaining.
  • There are over 1 million followers on his account as of now.

Morgan Eckroth

  • Morgan Eckroth is the 2022 United States Barista Champion, and now she’s operating as “your friendly internet barista.”
  • Morgan spends her time role-playing interactions with customers, preparing drinks and making other coffee-related items. She also shares her knowledge with others, offering online classes and coffee-related advice. Morgan's goal is to make her customers feel like they are getting an authentic barista experience, even if it is online.
  • As opposed to other coffee influencer accounts that feature latte art, Morgan's account has a stark contrast. Her account focuses on the basics, and her goal is to teach her followers how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.
  • Morgan has managed to build a strong relationship with her followers, and her account is one of the most popular on Instagram.
  • Regardless, Morgan's posts show that she's an expert on all thing’s barista.

Milk Teamali

  • Follow for the love of coffee breakfast recipes
  • Amali brings you fancy breakfast ideas to enjoy with your coffee
  • Begin your day with rose matcha, tiramisu latte, purple/ vanilla sweet cream, strawberry cream sandwich and a lot more to satisfy your taste buds
  • A gold mine of coffee breakfast account inspiring you to try something new with your coffee

Alternative Brewing

  • Finding out about unique coffee gear and purchase it too here on this Instagram page
  • The page is unique with its eye catching features like Floating V60 drip kettle, a mid-air coffee creation that seriously justifies their handle alternative brewing

Where is Scott Rao

  • A seasoned coffee consultant and writer
  • Bringing you tips, product reviews, coffee making tricks, and a lot more
  • Learn home brewing tips to make your own special cup of coffee as per your taste

The Trendy Barista

  • For the love of latte art and to coffee trivia and brainteasers
  • Learn all about coffee from basics  to featured content with beautiful pictures of coffee
  • Enjoy the tone and style this Instagrammer has to offer that will definitely keep you interested and coming back to this account

The Coffee Nomad

  • Based in Seoul (Korea) is a traveler who loves exploring different types of coffee
  • You will find her page full of different exotic locations: coffee on Bolivian hills plantation, brew in Bali, latte in an American café and wherever her coffee wanderlust could take her
  • Enjoy her feeds that offer interesting narratives and out of this world coffee photography

Coffee ‘n Clothes

  • Coffee and fashion too can go hand in hand, when you check out this Instagram account
  • Beautiful lattes and high end designer outfits that will have you awestruck
  • A must follow for fashion enthusiasts who like enjoying their coffee with panache and in style
  • Up your coffee experience with coffee style statement that includes designs by Gucci and Hermes

Indian Coffee Culture

  • Run by Paul, a SCA-certified roaster, consultant and trainer at Barista coffee
  • You will find everything coffee as their tagline reads: This is a collective of all things coffee
  • Enjoy scrolling through coffee relevant content with news, reviews, recipes, events, interviews, products, topics involving coffee and coffee classes