Tips To Set The Perfect Table For A Get Together

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Tips To Set The Perfect Table For A Get Together


A well-presented meal can never fail to impress your guests and is sure to earn you praise as a perfect host. There is a lot of time spent on menu planning and ensuring that the food served is absolutely delicious.  But do you know that half of the meal is eaten through the eyes? Don’t be surprised. The fact is, theappearance of the meal is as important as the taste.

Here is an attempt to help you with some tips on how to set up a perfect table for your guests.

Table Linen and Mats

This is the first thing to be placed on your dinner table. Wipe the table clean and adorn it with an occasion appropriate table linen. For example, if it is a light casual get together, you should be using a plain, less flashy and single toned elegant table cover.

In the case of an event like a kitty party, you can use a more elaborate and brighter table cloth. If you do not wish to use the table cloth, you can simply do away with it and use the table mats directly. 

The table mats are yet another important component that accentuates the beauty of the table. Wooden mats and multi-colored mats look very fashionable and bright respectively. The table cover and the table mats should complement each other. You can use a table mat matching with the table cover or a contrast, both looks good.

Again, a heavy and rich table mat should be kept for important occasions and light and trendy ones for simple get-togethers.


When you are shopping for the flatware, you should always try to buy one’s that are not be too heavy because it becomes extremely difficult to manage and lift them.

The flatware or the cutlery should be chosen on the basis of the cuisine served. With a Middle Eastern or Arabic meal or a Mughlai meal, an elaborate and lavish flatware matches the best. When serving an Italian meal or in a sushi party, light and single colored cutlery is a good idea.

Whenever in confusion, you can safely pick an all-white dinnerware which can never go wrong. 

If you are serving soup, a wide soup bowl should be placed on top of the plate. The soup spoon should be kept on the right side of the soup bowl.

For the main course, the fork should be kept on the left side of the plate and spoon and knife on the right side, all in the same upward direction. The glasses should be placed on the right of theplate above the spoon. You can increase the number of bowls and skip the fork and knife in case of an Indian meal.

All the serving bowls and platters should be kept in a logical order. You should keep removing the platters when they are done. Like, starters bowl should be taken away from the table to avoid confusion and have morespace for the main course.

The salt and pepper as well as any general condiments should be in the center of the table so that it is reachable to all. Try to use shallow bowls as they give a better view of the dish. 


Napkins add a lot of grandeur to the table. The napkins can be folded and kept in many ways. You can simply keep the napkin folded in a square under the plate. Else, you can fold the napkin in a triangle shape and put it in the glass, unless it’s a wine glass.

You can also wrap the napkins around the spoon and the fork. Or you can just throw your best selection of exquisite napkins at an angle. If you are feeling more creative, you could always hit the internet for more elaborate napkin folding ideas.

Flowers and other decorations over the table

Undoubtedly, flowers and the other decorative items make the look of the dining table even more attractive, but be sure not to clutter the table. If you do not have a big table or the number of dishes is more, you can safely skip the idea of decorating the table with flowers etc.

However, if you have a decent size table and not too many dishes, a bouquet of fresh flowers with some greens look stunning on the table. A subtle aromatic candle can be lighted too.

 Dessert or fruits platter

An overflowing fruit platter after the main course looks splendid. Especially the bright and vibrant looking fruits like cherries, grapes, and berries look very inviting. Fruit platter should always be wide and shallow to allow a variety of fruits to be placed in them.

Three tier dessert trays look magnificent on the table. In last tier you can place some cookies, muffins or small cupcakes in the middle tier and tarts, donuts or macaroons on the top. This way you will be able to offer a variety of desserts without consuming a lot of table space.

You can add some finishing touches like named placards and perfumed napkins etc.  These tips will surely help you lay out a perfect meal table but you should not overlook your own innovation.

You should never hesitate in creating your own style and display the things the way you want while keeping some basic rules in mind. You never know, you may surprise yourself and end up presenting a perfect table!