Top 6 Luxury Smartwatches: Fusion of Fashion, Status, and Cutting-Edge Functionality​

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Top 6 Luxury Smartwatches: Fusion of Fashion, Status, and Cutting-Edge Functionality​

Luxury Watch

Smartwatches are no longer just utility gadgets; in fact, they are now a fashion accessory to flaunt your status, and the extra functionality is what makes them wearable gadgets.

It is all about having an expensive smartwatch that would act as your wearable computer, keeping you updated with notifications, making calls, reading/sending messages, and even keeping a note of your general health.

Among the explosion of smartwatches, let us look at the 6 most expensive smartwatches that are available in the market. 

Lux Watch Omni
USD $100,000 / INR 8333515

  • Yet another Apple Watch, designed with diamonds set in its 18K yellow gold watch face, making it insanely attractive to onlookers.
  • The classic aluminum Halliburton case, containing a carbon fiber interior, exudes a look similar to wearing a James Bond gadget.
  • The software and functionality are similar to any other classic Apple Watch, but the design, incorporating gold and diamonds, is what makes it unique.

Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO 
USD $15,000 / INR 1250025

  • Created through a collaborative effort between Samsung and the de GRISOGONO Jewelry Company. 
  • The look and feel of the watch resemble that of a beautiful luxury watch, featuring numerous smartwatch functions.
  • Set in a gold bezel surrounded by 100 black and white diamonds, this is what makes it a pricey smartwatch.
  • Officially not available to the public, you can contact resellers to make a purchase, but it will definitely cost you some extra money.

Garmin MARQ Driver
USD $2,500 / INR 208335

  • Combining smartwatch functionality with the exterior of an analogue watch makes it a truly interesting gadget. 
  • With a beautiful digital display, a watch face-changing feature, and the ability to track fitness metrics, hydration levels, and respiration, it offers a range of compelling features. 
  • Ideal for those who enjoy mountain climbing, it includes a specialized feature called ‘ClimbPro’ that tracks the wearer's distance, elevation, and gradient.
  • Robust yet classy in appearance, built to withstand outdoor and sports activities, it makes for a perfect smartwatch.

he Kairos Hybrid
USD $2,389 / INR 199085

  • You may be initially confused by its analogue look and chunky body, but it packs in a lot of features.
  • It's a touchscreen watch that responds to a light tap, with a beautiful display featuring smartwatch features that you will surely love.
  • The OLED transparent screen lights up with a light tap, displaying message notifications, emails, calls, texts, and even includes a stopwatch. 
  • Enabled with GPS world time, making it a perfect companion for people who travel across different time zones.
  • It is a powerhouse with a 42-hour power time, making it perfect for keeping track of your fitness routine, steps taken, and other physical health features.
  • A hybrid smartwatch that controls your tablet PC and even your smartphone, it includes music controls and helps set pre-text messages for driving mode.

Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4

USD $2,000 / INR 166670
  • With its beautiful and classic exterior resembling an analogue watch, coupled with the features of a modern smartwatch, this one is definitely worth the purchase.
  • Best for outdoor hikes, as it features a special functionality called Trail & Hiking that is suitable for keeping track of the distance and elevation of the wearer during a hike.
  • With numerous watch faces to choose from, you can delight yourself and switch them according to your mood.
  • A workout companion is always there to assist you in planning your fitness routine.

Apple Watch Ultra
USD $799 / INR 66585

  • The most affordable watch available for outdoor wear. 
  • Capable of assisting individuals in extreme sports activities, as it is sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions and the wild outdoors.
  • With its 1.92-inch display, it is comfortable for the wearer to glance through messages. It works well in darkness and dim light due to its 2000 nits of brightness.
  • While it falls into the category of luxury watches, it is definitely not cheap enough to be casually purchased on a shopping spree, unless you are willing to spend extra dough on it alone.