Transforming India’s Luxury Shopping: ‘Galeries Lafayette’ To Arrive In India By 2024

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Transforming India’s Luxury Shopping: ‘Galeries Lafayette’ To Arrive In India By 2024

Luxury Mall

Paris is not just a destination for sightseeing but also a paradise for shopping lovers. It is the hub of the fashion industry, a place where you will find all premium brands and fashion designers' work.

Now, if one would want to shop for Parisian brands, they would need to visit Paris. Well, what if you could get it all without having to visit the place?

It is possible that you will be able to shop luxury brands right here in India, as the most popular and coveted shopping center, Galeries Lafayette, is soon opening its flagship stores in India. 

They will also have their e-commerce portal for the convenience of online customers.The scenic vision of Galeries Lafayette with its domes or Art Nouveau cupola is mesmerizing to the visual senses, and the top-grade shopping center will soon be available to Indian shoppers by the year 2024. 

Let us find out where and who is the enabler in bringing Parisian fashion to India.

 Why is it unique?

The panoramic view and the dome-like structure are sights that catch your eye with the beauty of their appealing scenic vision.

The best part about Galeries Lafayette is that every restaurant/bar located in the dome area offers scenic views of the Montparnasse Tower, Opera Garnier, the Eiffel Tower, and Invalides.

Of course, the brands and high-end fashion are always among the most popular reasons too, but the visually appealing beauty of some of the iconic structures of Paris that it offers to its customers while shopping is indeed out of this world.

Who is behind bringing it to India?

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail is behind bringing the luxurious shopping hub to our country. 

They have numerous fashion and retail portfolios with international brands like The Collective, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, American Eagle, etc., and now this too shall be added.

Location of the stores 


The city of dreams and the city where all the celebrities live will definitely have the leading fashion store in the city. The shopping center is going to occupy an area of 90,000 square feet.

However, it will only be made available to the public in 2024. The designing of this uber-luxury fashion store will be done by Virgile & Partners, known to be well-versed in global architecture.


The Parisian fashion center will open up in DLF Emporio that is already known to have housed numerous luxury brands under one roof. Ever since its opening it is already popular amongst public for providing access to lavish brands and now will become a part of the Paris shopping hub and high-end brands straight from the international fashion city. 

Emporio is also one of the largest luxury malls known in the country, no wonder the place is chosen for housing Galaries Lafayette that will occupy 65,000 feet within the structure. However, public access to the shopping center will only be available in the year 2025, so Dilliwalas will have to wait an year more than Mumbikars to access the shopping outlet.