Who’s Bigger? – The Most Authoritative Leaders of Europe

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Who’s Bigger? – The Most Authoritative Leaders of Europe

Who’s Bigger? – The Most Authoritative Leaders of Europe

Who’s Bigger? – The Most Authoritative Leaders of Europe

History is laden with the greatest leaders who have conquered the world with their bravery and fame. Europe consists some of those great leaders who have once been the great conqueror and still highly praised in history.

However, in the history of Europe, there has been a different type of leaders. They can be categorized with the level of their success and so on. So here we have listed some best leaders and compare them as well for your convenience.

1. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a great statesman and a general. He won the civil war against the Roman, and it was the starting point of his conquering Rome. However, he is far from the title of the first Roman emperor. A group of senators who became very powerful at that time assassinated him in 44 BCE.

2. Alexander the Great

He was a Greek warrior and achieved the throne of Macedonia in 336 BCE. He was a great successor as he ventured from Greece to India. Alexander was highly interested in Greek culture and he was interested in science as well. He lived very few years as he ruled for only 12 years and died in the age of 33.

3. Constantine the Great

He was a son of a Roman officer, and he was raised to take over the position of the Caesar. His time was 272 to 337 CE. He reunited the Roman Empire and made it worthy of ruling by one man. He founded Constantinople and had his military victory. This made him one of the great figures in history. He was the first emperor who took Christianity and helped to spread the same in entire Europe.

4. Charlemagne

He inherited the part of Frankish kingdom in 768, and after that, he ruled the entire domain. His rule expanded to western and central Europe. He was crowned by the pope and he was a great ruler and developed religious values. He showed a great leadership while he ruled the part of Europe.

5. Henry the VII England

He ruled from 1491 t0 1547. He was one of the kings who was the reason for many wars and the English Reformation. He had six wives, and from that, he executed two for adultery. He was regarded as a monster and the best-known king in the history.

6. Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain

The marriage between Ferdinand and Isabella were two of the main kingdom in Spain. They from 1452 to 1516 and 1451 to 1504. Their ruling was a great era. Although they died in 1516 they have ruled Peninsula and entire Spain. Their influence is very important as they supported the voyage of Christopher Columbus, and build a great foundation for the entire Spanish empire.

7. Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire

He ruled from 1500 to 1558. He inherited the Holy Roman Empire and the kingdom of Spain as the Archduke of Austria. He fought well to keep the land from the influence of Protestant, and keeping it all Catholic. After some time, it became hard and he retired from the monarchy.

The great leaders of Europe as mentioned-above are very different from each other. The Great Alexander and Julius Caesar were both great but one of them has to die in the hand of an assassin and another dies in a very young age after ruling for 12 years. On the other hand, Henry the VII of England was the notorious ruler and was far from a great ruler. His monarch was one where people got tortured and he even executed two of his six wives. On the aftermath, the empire of Queen Elizabeth I of England who was the daughter of Henry the VII itself settled a great ruling era. She ruled from 1533 to 1603.