5 tips for working parents to manage work-life stress

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5 tips for working parents to manage work-life stress

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Becoming a parent is a heavenly feeling, but at the time, it also brings forth challenges and responsibilities. Especially so, if you happen to be a working parent, and are juggling to create a fine balance with work life and managing your kid/s.

Often, working parents barely get time out of their hectic schedule to rest, let alone take care of themselves. Moreover, they also feel down as the repetitive schedule makes them feel stuck and unaccomplished.

If you are a working parent dealing with the same problem, this stress and hustle can be extremely exhausting, and can impact your overall health. If you don't manage to take proper care of yourself, you will not be able to manage anything else, be it your kids or your work.

While there is no magic wand that helps you manage the hustle with ease, but by the way of this article, we bring forth our readers, five simple ways where exhausted working parents can lower their stress levels.

1. Motivate yourself with your achievements

Most working parents tend to lose interest in their work and life as they feel stuck in an endless cycle of taking care of the kids and managing work. It is a repetition of the same activities every day. Hence the parents feel bored due to a lack of new things. But in reality, you are acing in your job on the work front and being a parent.

But to feel motivated, you must remind yourself of what you have achieved so far. You can make a list of all work you need to do and how far you have come. It will remind you of your accomplishments and give you a forward push. Note down your personal and working goals and give yourself proper credit for the amazing work and achievements.

2. Avoid multitasking

Although being a working parent itself is multitasking, but focus on one particular work at a time. If you are busy with your laptop on the one hand and your baby on the other, don't think about cooking or any other leftover work, neither try to get your hands on other works.

Give primary attention to the task at hand and be focused on completing one work and then move to the other. If you are helping your kid with their homework, don't be involved in shopping for groceries online, you might either forget an item or give the wrong solution to your child's math problem. These kinds of mistakes will only make you madder and irritated. Therefore, it is better to avoid multi-tasking.

3. Take proper sleep

Make sure to have an ideal adult sleep, which is about 8 hours. This strategy is the oldest and the most common strategy, but as they say, old is gold. As a working parent, you already have a busy schedule, and if you let sleep deprivation sit on top of that, you are just adding to your own misery.

Besides, it is not just about how long you sleep, but a fulfilled and good night's sleep is crucial to keep you sane and energized to take up the challenge the next day. If you are under-rested, you will not be able to focus properly on your work nor your kids. Mistakes will happen, and you will become more stressed, tired, and annoyed with your day. Hence, make sure to give enough time to rest and adequate sleep.

4. Think about the future

If you have made or set an attainable future goal for yourself, make it the most important thing for you. Let your goal motivate you to achieve all you want and give you the confidence to deal with the work. If someday you feel low, exhausted, and just want to give up, remind yourself of how and where you want to see yourself in the next 4-5 years. Allow your aim to anchor your action of today.

5. Share your work-life with your family

One of the most important things for a working parent is to give proper time not only to your work but also to your family. However, you don't necessarily have to keep these two parts of your world apart.

You may involve your kids in your work life by sharing details or your work-life experience with them. With this strategy, you can be active in your children's life while working, and your kids will also feel involved in your life. Share how your day at work with your kids; they will also understand your situation as a working parent and help you in your schedule.