6 Traits The Child Is Most Likely To Inherit From Dad

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6 Traits The Child Is Most Likely To Inherit From Dad


A parent is always on the lookout for what traits their baby boy or baby girl has that resembles their own, whether it is genetic traits or physical characteristics like hairline, eye color, hair color, or a specific personality trait.


All of us inherit genes from our parents, and these genes play a major role in determining our personality. It is the father's genes that determine whether the baby is a girl or boy, but his genes play an even greater role. The following traits are likely to be inherited from fathers by their children:


  At least 700 genetic variations determine height. Height is a trait inherited from both parents, but evidence shows that dad's genes play a greater role. Generally, if the father is tall, the baby will be tall too. Even if the mother is short and the father is tall, the child is expected to grow to a good height.


It is impossible for two fingerprints to be identical. However, there can be similarities between the father and the child's pattern of whorls and lines.


In case the father has poor dental health like cavities and other teeth issues, they are likely to be inherited by the child. As a matter of fact, a child's teeth structure is also influenced by their paternal side. 


Dimples are considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness in many cultures. Scientists, however, describe dimples as a defect caused by shortened facial muscles. In most cases, dimples are inherited from the father, since they are dominant genetic traits.  

Eye Color

Genes can be dominant or recessive. Brown eyes, for instance, are dominant genes, whereas blue eyes, for example, are recessive genes. Baby will likely have the eye color of the more dominant gene. Baby will probably have brown eyes if dad has them. 

It is important to note, however, that there is always an exception to this rule. There are times when recessive genes from daddy sneak in. The chances of your little one having adorable baby blue eyes are definitely higher if the mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes!

Hair Texture

Parents often imagine who their baby will resemble. Will she have mother's wavy locks or will he have father's straight hair?

As we have learned, fathers assume a major part in the child's characteristics, with one of them being the texture of the hair. It may not actually show at a young age but as the child ages, s/he can 'inherit' the father's hair texture.