Parenting For Success In The Millennial Era

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Parenting For Success In The Millennial Era

Beyond Academia

It is said that real education begins at home. With the advent of the era where millennials are the parents who have been through a lot and are aware of what and how real education shapes up the personality of the kids, things are no longer business as usual. 

Understanding that kids these days need more than bookish knowledge, there is more and a lot to learn from the environment around, so let us understand how the definition of success is changing with time and it is not based on academia alone.

Evolving Parents:

The generation of parents now, composed of millennials, teaches their kids the mantra to live a successful life. This includes more than bookish knowledge; it emphasizes character, morals, ethics, values, and other life-building tools.

Inculcating Values:

Parents are raising kids differently by teaching them how religion and values serve as tools for becoming strong individuals. They provide a different mindset, emphasizing morals and religious values without the fear-psychosis experienced in their upbringing.

Affection in Relationship:

A majority of parents, having experienced less affection during their own upbringing, are changing that for their kids. The emphasis is on feeling cared for and loved at home. Home is becoming a place where children can express, rather than repress, their feelings, letting them know they are loved unconditionally.

Family Involvement:

The emphasis is on spending time together as a family through involvement in various activities, including family dinners and extracurricular activities. Better communication with kids involves expressing, communicating, and sharing their side of the story, rather than resorting to naming, blaming, or yelling at each other. Emotional support is key in communication.

Behavioral Changes:

Parents are adopting a different approach to discipline, choosing to be more gentle with their kids instead of using harsh words or punishment. The focus is on making children understand the meaning of boundaries and taking responsibility for their behavior without resorting to corporal punishment.

Freedom of Choice:

Modern parents allow their kids to be themselves, refraining from yelling at them for mistakes. They provide the freedom to choose and make choices, encouraging independent thinking in their children.