The Answer to Inflammation is right in your Kitchen

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The Answer to Inflammation is right in your Kitchen

The Answer to Inflammation is right in your Kitchen

The Answer to Inflammation is right in your Kitchen

Inflammation has, of late, gained quite a momentum, and not all of it is bad. Whole-body inflammation is quite hard to acknowledge and diagnose, but can be dangerous in the long run. Chronic inflammation is a breeding ground for many degenerative diseases like heart diseases, cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

But what is it that causes inflammation? Well, stress, sedentary lifestyle, processed foods, fried and sugary foods, excessive alcohol, and you name it. Our way of living these last few years is full of things that could be the causes. But then, our kitchens have always been stocked with anti-inflammation grocery, if only we used them in time.

But better late than never. Here are some items that must be consumed on a daily basis to ensure inflammation doesn’t come close to our families…

1. Turmeric

It’s loaded with Curcumin, which is the anti-inflammatory bullet in the world of spices. Add a pinch to your juices, stews, soups, or gravies. You can also brew turmeric and honey in almond milk, and drink as a latte right before bed.

2. Ginger

The anti-inflammatory compounds in Ginger are called Gingerols, and are known to ease and comfort patients of arthritis. Just add some of it to your juices, snacks, or anything you stir-fry.

3. Rosemary

Roasted vegetables, pizzas and pastas don’t just get a kick of flavour with Rosemary, but also enhance the health quotient. However, it’s noted that freshly-plucked herbs are far more beneficial than the sundried ones. So plant some and keep little pots in the kitchen itself.

4. Olive Oil

Here is a powerhouse food from the Mediterranean kitchens, and it goes on to lower the flammatory bits in the blood. Just swap the market-bought salad dressings full of sugars and artificial low-grade oils with extra-virgin olive oil, and that would be the best switch you can do.

5. Walnuts

These contain surprising amount of Omega-3s, and that’s one reason to never let these finish off in your pantry. Keep them close, throw a handful into your baked desserts, eat them in a trail mix, or dunk some in your morning cereal. Consume walnuts however you like, and you’d never sense that inflammation again.

6. Garlic

Garlic comes loaded with Allicin and some other compounds that do wonders for inflammation and stress. A little garlic can go a long way with pasta, soups, gravies, stews, meats… you just have to think creatively.

7. Blueberries

These beauties are not just anti-inflammatory but also loaded with Potassium. No wonder they’re such a hit with workout lovers! To consume some, prefer organically-grown fresh blueberries. You can also keep a stock in your freezer, and use some for smoothies and desserts.

8. Mushrooms

While these are bare fungi, one cannot deny the many benefits they come with. Be it their capability against inflammation, viruses, bad bacteria, or the very crunch they give to anything they’re added to, these do not disappoint. To add up, studies are trying to identify if these can help fight tumors too.

Are there any other foods that fit this list? What causes or helps you fight those bouts of inflammation? Share with us in the comments section.