The new ‘YOU’ post pregnancy

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The new ‘YOU’ post pregnancy

The new ‘YOU’ post pregnancy

The new ‘YOU’ post pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences that a woman can ever go through during her life. Bearing a new life within you not only fills your heart with eternal joy but also brings along bountiful set of duties that cannot be missed.

Duties that need to be fulfilled with enough conviction and discipline. The commitment is not just towards the newborn. Rather there’s a need to be more earnest towards yourself. Only then can you be strong enough to pamper the newborn and nurture its precious life.

There’s a complete new ‘You’ post pregnancy. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You just need to understand the working of the hormones that are responsible for all the psychological state of being that’s natural after the process of child birth.

With an accurate comprehension of the hormonal changes that you are supposed to go through, you are well equipped to be more organized and relaxed through the post partum period.

The two hormones who’s working makes all the difference are Progesterone and Estrogen. The amount of progesterone is hiked by the placenta during pregnancy which is again also immediately expelled form the body during child birth.

However, the same does not happen with Estrogen which remains at an elevated level even after the child birth takes place.

This disparity between the two hormones is depicted by Estrogen dominance. Progesterone is responsible for elevating the spirits and quite obviously its sudden depletion leads to a condition where many new mother’s report postpartum depression. Estrogen dominance is not just characterized by low moods but also by an entire multitude of health issues.

Difficulty in losing pregnancy weight despite of sincere efforts, irregular or very heavy menstrual cycles, unexplained anxiety, frequent cramping, excessive hair loss and unusual dry skin are the most common of all.

The solution is to bring back the hormones to their natural levels by reaching out to professional help rather than turning to anti-depressants or anti-suppressants that are easily available over the counter.

Choosing a relevant and scientific approach to address any health issue that you face both during and after pregnancy is the best you can do to yourself. Except for the gender of the newborn, surprises are something that you can least expect after the delivery.

With so much professional help available at each crucial stage, all you need to do is basket in as much as you can and then spend it wisely and timely as well. Comparatively, the society too is far more supportive of new mothers owing to the awareness with regards to the significance that neonatal period holds.

It is always a good approach to be prepared well in advance than to be panicked in the last minute. A bag containing baby and mother essentials should always be kept handy whenever any outdoor visit is being planned. Baby food and power snack for mothers should invariably be kept in stock so as to avoid alarming situations.

Nurturing yourself becomes your first duty towards the newborn that you need to customarily adhere to without fail in order to keep the new born happy and growing. Many researches suggest that newborn’s emotional and physical wellbeing is directly proportional to the psychological and physical health of the mother.

This is where the role of a father and other family members is of utmost importance. The fathers need to pitch in to share the mother’s responsibilities towards the child. Consequently, the mother’s get a breather and can focus on their recovery post labor.

Adequate follow up with medical practitioners is a must to promote the joy of procreation to the next level i.e. evidencing the healthy upbringing of the child.