Which of these 4 Money Personalities are you?

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Which of these 4 Money Personalities are you?

Which of these 4 Money Personalities are you?

Which of these 4 Money Personalities are you?

Zodiac, Numerology, Palmistry — there are several ways one can justify what these beliefs & practices can indicate. But are you aware that there exists a chart to define one’s financial personality type too?

Brad Klontz, Psy.D., CFP, is a clinical psychologist has spent years studying the beliefs and assumptions that define someone’s relationships with money. He has even published Wired for Wealth, a book that helps the readers crack their “Money Scripts”, as he puts it, and also suggests ways to optimize it.

How we spend our paychecks has a lot to do with underlying subconscious thoughts. These thoughts could be our own, acquired over time, or embedded in us by people of previous generations. So read on, and find out which money script you are…

1. Money Avoidance

Just as the name suggests, this is that category of people who avoid money at all fronts – giving  or taking. Over time, they have come to believe that money either comes from corruption, or leads to it. They think negatively of wealthy people, and do not associate with them out of will.

2. Money Worship

This personality is easier to spot, and also more common than others. These people believe that having more money will solve any problems they may have. They can be spotted doing things that give them this boost of feeling richer. Like working hard till late, shopping for things, or bargaining much for little things. If it gets them money in the end, they will do it.

3. Money Status

This personality type is quite common too. The people in this category often believe in showing off their wealth. They could be found quoting more than they earn, shopping too often, driving a big car etc. Also, even when they purchase things, they tend to pick up blingy things or those sporting a big brand tag. The subconscious idea behind this behavior is that they think money must be a visible and prominent part of their personality.

4. Money Vigilant

These people like to play safe in terms of their finances. They do not talk much about the money they make, do not show off, and quite secretively, work their way about keeping their savings in place. If they don’t have enough saved up for emergencies, they can be sensed in anxiety or panics. Their thought process is to always have their future sorted in terms of finances.

You have read about all 4 possible money scripts, and must have figured out which school of thought you belong to. While you could be in one camp today, this tendency may change with changing stages of life.

This science could also help you crack your next move, in terms of personal life. For example, if you’re someone who blows up the money and often goes bankrupt by the end of the month, you could try and connect with people who’re in Vigilant camp. They could teach you a thing of two about saving up enough until the end.